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To begin the process of assisting you with your family law matter or estate planning needs, please select the form which best describes your needs and someone from our staff will be in contact with you very soon. 

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Please complete the following form to begin the process of creating a Will for you and your spouse, if applicable.  If you would prefer to speak with one of our attorneys first, contact us directly.

Please list the following information for each of your children. Include those by prior marriage or relationship, and indicate f adopted (A), step (S) or mental or physical handicap (H).

If you are married and your spouse survives you, do you want him or her to be your sole beneficiary?

If you designate your spouse to be your sole beneficiary but they do not survive you, do you want your entire estate to go to your children in equal shares?

If any of your children predecease you, leaving children of their own, do you want the deceased child's share to revert to your other children or pass to the deseased child's children?

If you are not married, or you do not want your spouse to be your sole beneficairy, please list those persons who are to receive your property and the share your estate each is to receive.

Share of estate or specific property each is to receive

In the event your spouse, children, and grandchildren all proceed you in death, please list those persons or entities who are to receive your property and the share of your estate.

Do you want the share of any of your children or grandchildren to be held in trust for the benefit? (This is usually recommended fro those under 21 years of age or adults if irresponsible with money.)

If yes, at what age(s) do you want the beneficiary to receive teh trust funds and what would you like the terms of the trust to be.

If setting up a trust in your will, please name a trustee.

Would you like to name an alternate trustee?

Would you like to name a guardian for your minor children if you are proceeded in death by your spouse?

Would you like to name an alternate guardian?